The Interactive Collection

The Interactive Collection gives integrators, display builders, retailers, and brands the creative tools and building blocks needed to bring leading retail innovation to life. Catering to the specific needs of the modern day shopper, retailers can develop bespoke solutions with systems as simple as plug and play, or drag and drop.

Outform’s Interactive Editor is a software that can be thought of like a foundation, and the Standard Modules like building blocks. The main standard module, or the Control Center acts like a brain, connecting the different Standard Modules needed to create the experience. By dragging and dropping the desired retail display functions into the Interactive Editor, a custom interaction is created which can be downloaded to a USB and connected to the Control Center.

No matter the pairing between Standard Modules, the Interactive Collection will deliver seamless, and customized experiences. The unique configurations that can be created will engage the shopper and open the door for further product discovery. By adapting to the new normal of retail, the Interactive Collection accommodates several opportunities for hands- free product discovery. The Interactive Collection is exciting, encourages play and curiosity, and couples technology with retail experiences that shoppers now demand.


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