White LED Light Controller

Use this white LED light controller to direct shoppers to highlighted products and inspire engagement. With an easy to use light controller, this experience can be used to turn LED light strips on/ off and create unlimited dimming options.

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The White LED Add-On can be configured to 8 different light intensities and behaviors.

Easy To Use

Extend your White LED Strips with simple extension cable connections or quick connectors between one strip to another.


The RGB LED strips come in both soft and hard strips.


The Interactive Collection is comprised of a variety of Outform Standard Modules (OSM) which communicate by way of ODC protocol. ODC protocol enables a dynamic eco-system by which multiple OSMs can interact and trigger relevant experiences.


By combining this controller with different sensors and triggers, this experience can support a combination of user interactions such as touch, voice, motion, and many more.

Light Control

The white light controller supports a variety of light intensities such as On / Off, Dim or flash control.


The current can support up to 3 meters of LED strip.


Outform Interactive Editor gives you the tools to create your own experiences with ease using Control Center configuration.